Good Posture and Other Secrets to Having Superb Self-Confidence

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Do you always find yourself giving a sigh while glancing at those women’s magazine featuring beautiful girls with glamorous, sexy, and almost perfect feature? Do you secretly wish that you can be like them too and strike a pose so that everybody will see how beautiful you are?

Well, here’s a bit of advice – not all boys prefer girls with a supermodel body or a girl with a “qualified-for-magazine-cover” look. Most men prefer a girl with substance, cuteness to beauty, and most specially, a personality that rocks.

The Role of Good Posture

Self-confidence is believing with what you have and being contented with what you look like. This can be well demonstrated with proper posture. To look and act confident, you should stand up straight, walk tall, and look across, not being too conscious about what people around would say about you. Walking sluggishly with head looking down, on the other hand, gives out an impression that you are shy, afraid, and reluctant with whoever you might bump into.

Thus, maintaining good posture is the first step in projecting confidence and self-assurance.

Other Ways to Build Self-Confidence


Here are other secrets on how you will develop your beauty inside and out:


  1. Work with your assets. Try to assess yourself in front of a mirror. Look for something that you know will help you to stand out. Stop concentrating only on those zits on your skin, dark complexion, or flat chest. If you have beautiful eyes, enhance it by applying make-up, or if you have a sexy butt, wear jeans that will enhance it, too.
  1. Stop comparing. You have your own feature that distinguishes you from others. But sometimes, you ask for something that you see in other people, not knowing that there are people who wish to have something that you have. You should learn how to value and appreciate what you have.
  1. Be healthy. Research shows that, in general, men are attracted to healthy women. Having a healthy lifestyle greatly influences your looks. Taking a bath daily, brushing the teeth 2 to 3 times a day, right diet, and exercise are all essential in developing a superb self-confidence.
  1. Feel sexy. The best way to look sexy is to feel sexy. If you feel that you are sexy, it will shine outside and other people will see it. For you to feel sexy, wear clothes that are comfortable and look good on you. Remember, it’s not about the brand or the label. More importantly, it’s in the way you carry yourself.

Remember, what’s important is not transforming your look, but feeling good about yourself.

Do You Consider Yourself Healthy?

Health practitioners and experts at the World Health Organization agree that “health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.” Being healthy, therefore, means that one has a perfect balance of all these aspects of life; that his state of fitness not only reigns over his body, but in his mind, heart, and spirit, as well.

Unfortunately, society has significantly influenced people’s mind about the concept of being healthy. Media teaches us that good health is often equated to having a slim figure or a muscular body. Hence, people strive to achieve this even if it means skipping meals or taking in non-prescribed diet pills. These approaches, even with the right objectives, will actually do more bad than good in the body.

Being healthy, as described by health and nutrition experts, is the achievement and maintenance of physical fitness and mental stability. It means absence of physical illness, diseases, and mental distress to help you achieve and maintain an excellent quality of life.

What Influences Our Health?

How do we know then when a person is in good or bad health? The World Health Organization determined three factors that influence the health of an individual, namely: society and economy, physical environment, and the individuals’ personal characteristics and behavior

  1. Social and economic determinants of health. The society we live in and the economy that govern us can dictate our health. These are the conditions or situations in which we live and work day to day that influence how healthy we can be in a particular social environment. Some of these determinants include social norms and attitudes, type of governance, exposure to crime and violence, occurrences of natural disasters, exposure to mass media and technology, discrimination, public safety, and quality of education. These circumstances are highly influenced by the availability of money and presence of resources in a particular society.
  1. Environmental determinant of health. The physical environment, or the place where we live, is another determinant that affects our health and the quality of life we have. The factors that help in distinguishing whether you can stay healthy or not in a particular place include the natural environment (including weather, climate change, and presence of plants and animals), architecture, recreational settings, neighborhood, type of food available, exposure to pollutants and toxic substances, transportation options, and residential segregation habits.
  1. Physical and behavioral determinant of health. Lastly, our own individual characteristics and behaviors also determine how healthy we can be in a given situation. Typical behaviors that can affect our health include smoking, alcohol use, drug abuse, physical activities, food consumption, oral health behavior, sexual behavior, and sleep patterns. Our health is at our fingertips. What we are and what we normally do greatly affect the quality of our body conditions. Unlike the first two determinants of health which we cannot fully manage, we have control over the behavioral factors. We can decide about being healthy and work on achieving good health if we want.